Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hospital Birth: Part 1

So I need to do a little catch up with this first post as it has been a while since I took that first home pregnancy test.  A little history is required then.  

A few weeks back, in the afternoon I was going about my usual mommy business of taking care of 5 children and keeping house when I kept feeling strange pulling like twinges in my lower abdomen.  Strange I thought; but more so, "Hm, I wonder." So off to the bathroom to take a pregnancy test.  Let me say this is the very first time I have ever taken a home test in the middle of the afternoon.  Much to my surprise and delight, that second line did not take long to appear.  "Ha!  What!?! No way!" I thought.  I couldn't contain it.  I immediately showed my husband who was on the computer.  With much delight and excitement he looked at me and said, "You're pregnant!?!"  Yup!  I am!
Now if anyone is like me and a bit addicted to testing.  I thought I would try again in the morning just to "make sure".  And sure enough, that second line appeared just as quickly as last time.  So it now begins.  We have the next nine months to prepare bringing in a new member to our family.  

Fast forward a couple weeks and I make my first appointment.  It is more or less just to confirm the pregnancy which helps us with insurance.  Before I even went in, I had to meet with the financial office to get all the insurance information cleared up and to inform them on how it was all going to be paid.  Then I met with the PA (who was also the one who helped deliver my last baby) and she is such a delight.  I have a feeling most of my care will be with her.  Thankfully her focus is on OB.  Anyway, bp was good 127/80 (yes for me that is good).  We touched base on how we would like this pregnancy to move forward.  With my last pregnancy I may have been border line GD as he was born at 10lbs 2.5 oz.  So, this time around, I need to work on my diet a bit more to help keep the size down a bit.  Anyway, in a few weeks I will be making my next appointment for our first intake which will mark our first official appointment for this pregnancy.  

Journey to a Hospital Birth

So I have been thinking about this blog series for a long time.  Not sure why, but I get the courage to type it up, then something holds me back.  As everyone knows, there are hot topics when it comes to parenting especially in the mothering realm.  Some of the "biggies" I've seen are breast vs formula, to vax or not to vax, and home birth vs hospital birth.  I think there is a time and place for everything and every "side".  

With that said, home birth or to not home birth has been something I have been thinking about since the birth of my last child.  Frankly, I never even considered it until I had my fourth child.  I have met some wonderful women through LLL (La Leche League)  who are huge advocates of home birth.  If it were not for them and some fantastic moms I met online, I don't think I would be quite so natural birth either.  
We are now expecting baby #6 in June and I broached the subject with my husband.  Wile at first he seemed to be all for it.  I was happy!  I would love to have a home birth.  However, there is really only one thing (well two really) keeping me from actively pursuing a home birth.  The first is that the closest midwife is an hour away.  Um, considering how fast I go, not having a midwife arrive in time is not comforting to me.  I will not do an unassisted birth; it's a risk that I am not willing to take.  Secondly, midwives in this state have to essentially work underground to perform home births.  To me that doesn't sit right.  A birthing center is a wonderful compromise; unfortunately the only one in this state is over 2 hours away.  Uh, yeah.  No chance of that happening!!  I'd be walking in the doors with the baby in my arms!  HA!
A hospital birth.  To many moms the mere sounds of the words send them reeling into a dark corner while clutching their legs.  For me, I embrace it.  Why?  Because living in a small town where the two doctors (who are also my pediatricians and family physicians) are the most hands off physicians I have ever encountered.  Baby #3 and #4 were inductions.  I think I saw the doctors a total of 3 times before it was time to push.  Otherwise I was left to myself (and my hubby) to labor.  Pure bliss.  I truly was the one in control.  So much so that I even have the power to make the doctors and nurses stop talking!!  HA!  On a side note, I hate noise while in labor.  Not even a whisper.  Totally throws off my concentration.  

Okay, so a hospital birth.  I embrace it also because it gives me a sense of security.  I know that these two professionals who have delivered thousands of babies have plenty of experience to handle any emergency (and I know midwives do to) and I am right there in the hospital already.  Now, to be honest really, it'd be silly for me to not go to the hospital because we live 2 blocks from it!  I have not had a bad experience with my 5 deliveries in a hospital (that I can recollect that is).  So because of my experiences with my last three deliveries, I am very confident with my care takers.  

So with that said, I will chronicle my days and appointments with this pregnancy.  They may not be all that exciting and awe inspiring, but with the age of technology and the ability to share anything with friends and family, I want to do something special with this child: from the beginning.