Friday, November 18, 2011

"Dating" Ultrasound.

This morning I had my "dating" ultrasound.  Our office likes to do an early ultrasound to "confirm" dates that they calculate from the LMP (Last Menstrual Period).  So, my feelings of the ultrasound started yesterday being quite excited about it.  I never rest easy until I either see or hear that heartbeat.  However, fear (a strong fear) has something that has plagued me since I found out I was pregnant.  Anyway, I had a horrible dream last night that I was bleeding and that my husband had an, "eh whatever" response to it.  Thankfully he had a much better dream that we had a beautiful baby girl.  Back to the ultrasound.  It only took 30 min to do, and the picture was beautiful.  We definitely have a healthy little baby growing.  It even flipped positions while the tech was working.  Heartbeat is 158 and we are measuring around 12 weeks (today I am 11 weeks and 1 day).  Now I don't put too much weight on ultrasound measurements (as far as dates go) because they can be quite off.  That said, I'd much rather have it be measuring ahead than a week or so behind.  So now I can rest for a while until the next irrational fear pops in my head.  My next appointment is in about 3 weeks.  Now I know why many moms call their babies "peanut".  It really does look like a peanut! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First OB visit.

Okay, so I had my first OB intake last week (yeah, a little late in posting) and it was very typical.  I'm starting at my pre-pregnancy weight from three babies ago.  Is that good or bad?  Well let's just say it's not great.  So, naturally that was part of the conversation that I brought up.  I know my weight will be an issue.  He encouraged me to maintain about a 10lb weight gain.  This is what I have done for my last three pregnancies.  I was surprised too.  My first two I had the typical 35-40 lb gain, and well, that was not very beneficial to me at all.  My mind is telling me that keeping it at 10-15 lbs will be no problem.  After all, I've done it before right?  Hm, well I'm feeling a little skeptical about it though.  My eating hasn't been horrible, but it's not great either.  I take some solace in knowing that I take a pre-natal vitamin and must have that glass of orange juice in the morning.  Veggies.  I have a love/hate relationship with them.  My last pregnancies I couldn't get enough of them.  Which is probably why my weight was controlled so well.  This time, the thought of a vegetable every day turns me off.  Now, that's not to say I don't eat them.  I have to.  Thankfully I have some wonderful and knowledgeable friends online who have given me some wonderful tips for healthy meals especially breakfast.  

Okay, so back to the appointment.  As I sat and waited for the doctor to come in, I began thinking I was making this appointment too early.  My mommy/pregnant brain was seriously failing me.  I had no idea how many weeks I was.  So when he came in he re-calculated and I was 10 weeks.  Wow!  I was stuck in 8 weeks for like 2 weeks!  HA!  So we tried for the heartbeat, but we couldn't hear it.  Not too disappointed because I have never had them get it so early; 12 weeks at best, but never at 10.  Anyway, bp is good; weight okay.  So the doctor said he was going to call in a prescription and have the dating ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday (may appointment was last Thursday).  Mom went to the pharmacy (we only have one vehicle) on Friday and there was no order called in.  Doctor was not in the office so we would have to wait until Monday.  I call Monday afternoon and the nurse said that there was no mention of a prescription needed nor was there an ultrasound scheduled.  Oh really?  Hm.  So by late afternoon they had the prescription cleared up, but now the ultrasound is not until Friday.  Have I mentioned how much I hate waiting?  Especially when it comes to seeing that little bean for the first time.  Oh to see the heart beating.  So now I impatiently wait until Friday for my ultrasound.  And I won't know the time until they call me on Thursday.  Gotta love small town living.  

So ultrasound on Friday and next appointment in a month.  The journey continues.