Thursday, October 25, 2012

Silence is Suspicious

So the other day I was in the office working hard on various things for my store while the two youngest slept.  Time is super precious these days because the baby is a bit congested so extended naps are not common.  In the mean time, the girls were playing so nicely with each other.  I love hearing their stories of pony adventures and daring rescues.  So play time that day was no more unusual than any other.  

As I was hard at work, my mommy sense began tingling.  (Some days I really do believe mommies are super heroes because of our ability to know that something is going down.)  My 4 year old was running back and forth from the kitchen to the play corner (not very unusual) except for the fact that she was doing it as quietly as possible.  Then I heard whispering.  Clue #2 that something was going down.   

It was then that I questioned if I really wanted to investigate (after all time was ticking down to when the boys were going to wake up).  I walk out to see the ever so sheepish grins on their faces and white flaky stuff all over the floor and toy boxes in the play corner.  

With my frustrations quickly rising, I simply asked, "What are you doing?" To which my 4 year old replied, "We're making snow!"  *sigh*  From the vent in the floor, flakes of Gerber baby oatmeal fluttered down to the carpet.  Snow, they wanted to make snow.  My 4 year old has been asking about winter for weeks now.  She has been so excited about snow coming.  I guess she just couldn't wait any longer.  

It was inevitable, I now had to take more time (30 minutes to be exact because I had to pick up toys and move everything around) to vacuum the floor and toy boxes of all the flakes.  And of course when you vacuum, you can't just stop at that one area.  Nope, the whole floor has to be done which in our house includes the living room and dining room.  When all was said and done, the house looked good, the toy corner was re-arranged, and the "snow" has been cleared.


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